Here is a log of my experiences shopping for plus sized clothes

Hi there, my name is Kathy and I am all of 21 years. I love dressing up and I love to look chic and happening. Needless to say, I am always looking forward to being the best dressed in a group. Even when I am out with my friends, I take a lot of time and energy to dress up for the occasion. Washing my face and running out is just not my kind of philosophy.

But it is not easy to be me:

You must be thinking, here is a lasso that hardly has any cares, loves dressing and chances are that she is shopping herself until she drops and then she is the center of attraction among all her friends. Yes and no. the problem here is that even though everything in the last paragraphs is true and nothing but the truth, yet another truth is that I wear size 14 and this particular size is so elusive in the stores that I may be at least dedicatedly taking five super market expeditions and simultaneously checking out if there are any great clothes on offer.

My favorite go-to stores:

I absolutely adore H&M and Forever 21 stores in my vicinity. H&M because I find that their plus sized joseph ribkoff dresses age exactly the way anyone would want them to be. They are also an exact replica of the dresses in the smaller sizes. They are that way not at all partial. They believe that what sally a size 6 must wear, Susie of size 14 must too! Kudos to them for being so unbiased! They are one of the stores that let’s sanity remain intact in a society like ours! Another noteworthy store is Forever 21. This store has great collection and they also have same sizes and styling across the various sizes. They are cool clothes and they make chic clothes such that they can stay classic forever.

But I have one complaint:

Stores such as H&M and forever 21 may have similar styling in all the clothes, but their online collection is something that needs a lot of improvement. The collection on their website is so small that you actually have to drive and arrive at their store and then pick up a dress and walk all the way to the register and check out. All the effort could have been saved if their online collection was as good as the store shopping experience promises.

Never mind still:

It’s still okay because if I were to compare the situation even a couple of years ago, I should be thankful to such stores to save the day for plus size shoppers like me. There were times when I would head to the mall and search for hours and hours for a great dress to fit without any luck. The pieces were ugly, big printed and outlandish. Today it’s a stark reality.

Big brands care a hoot:

Some brands who want to maintain snob value in the market do not want to ever come out with plus sized clothing line. The company in question is Abercrombie and Fitch whose CEO not so recently came out blatantly on how he was not keen on introducing a line of clothing dedicated to the plus sized women simply because he did not want them to wear it. Ridiculously enough, most other companies covertly believed in is idea but none were valiant enough to support him openly. There was also a big out lash on the company and it CEO where the social media and the internet came down heavily on his comments. Needless to say, the company also suffered heavy losses because of its main officer’s folly.

What are the stores that you frequent?

Are there any stores where you frequent and pick up clothes for yourself in plus sizes? Would you like to recommend any store, brand or fashion line for our plus sized readers who would love to try something new?

Things are changing:

And not caring too much about the fit walk straight to the cashier and bill her purchases. Until that time, keep the faith. We have come a real long way. We are almost there now!


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