Our Goal

We know how you love shopping and we know the excitement when you pick up a thing for yourself or for gifting your loved ones during the season. There are times when life can throw challenges at you when you want to buy something very specific for your dear one and you are just notable to find it anywhere.

We would love to help:

We are into the business of gift outsourcing for more than five decades. With our rich experience and a superb database of things that are unique to the place and also our old association with places where you will find the thing that is on your mind will come handy when you have very little time on hand but you want your gift to make a mark on that person.

Don’t look beyond us:

Whether it is plus sized clothing in any size, or a customized box of chocolate made with selective ingredients, you name and we can arrange it for you. You also have the discretion to tell us your budget and we will try and fit your gifting itinerary within your budget itself and it will also include your shipping and our consultation cost.

We work on subscription model:

We have annual subscriptions which need to paid up front and it is yearly in nature. During the course of your subscription time, you can avail services up to fifty times and during the season we give you a bonus of ten more additional services. The entire process right from the sourcing, the packaging and the shipping will be taken care of by us meaning that there will be nothing left to worry about on it for you. All you will need to tell us is your gifting criteria, your budgetary priorities and also the address of the person to whom the gift needs to be delivered.


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